College Writing – Research Paper

College Writing – Research Paper

Tip #1 Be Curious!

Tip #2: Browse & Brainstorm and Narrow Down your topic through Reading!

  1. Choose a topic that’s interesting to you!

  2. Be creative – Do a Google search with your topic and add keywords like “secrets” or “fascinating facts” – experiment with keywords while searching.

  3.  Make sure your Topic is not too broad.

Tip #3: Apply these 4 steps to narrow down your topic:


Tip #4: Don’t just Google, use the Google Services such as Google Books & Google News!


Google News gives you links to up-to-the-minute articles from over 50,000 news sources worldwide back to 2003 (use TOOLS to go to the Archives).

Google Books gives us access to over 30 million books that have been scanned by Google!

Tip #5 Dig Deep in your Research! Go BEYOND Google!

Fact: There are 130 trillion web pages searchable on Google, and 2 million articles published each day on the web! But, Google indexes only 16 percent of the surface Web and misses ALL of the Deep Web.  Source:

Tip #6 Do your Research in the Deep Web & Check out the new GALE ACADEMIC ONEFILE!

Tip #7: Make sure all of your sources can pass the “CRAAP Test”!

 Tip #8: Remember to BROWSE & Be Curious…Research…Re-search!

Citing Sources

Citing your sources in MLA format is easy at EasyBib!

New RULES for MLA 8th Edition can be found HERE.

How to cite a book from Google Books:

                     Burnett, William. Stem Cell Magic. New York: Scribner & Sons, 2016. Google Book Search. Web. 8 April 2019.





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