Dress Code



The Brunswick School Department believes that appropriate grooming and dress contribute to the quality of the educational environment.  To this end, students are required to wear to school or to school functions, clean and appropriate clothing that does not distract or interfere with the educational opportunity of the other students.  Clothing, hair, cosmetics, scented products, jewelry or appearance that may disrupt the normal operations of the school are not acceptable.

The following guidelines shall be deemed to be the minimum necessary for compliance with the student dress and grooming policy:

  • Clothing that depicts or in any way refers to, advertises, or promotes illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products, that has sexual implications, that promotes violence or illegal acts, or that is derogatory toward any group or individual is not allowed.
  • Shoes, sneakers, or sandals will be worn by all students while on school grounds.
  • All clothing is to fit properly, be of appropriate length, and not be revealing or indecent.  Underwear should not be visible and clothing should cover the chest, midriff, and mid-thigh appropriately.
  • Garments, chains, some chain-like necklaces and/or accessories that may be used as a weapon or perceived as gang member symbols will not be allowed.
  • Styles of grooming and/or dress that block vision will not be allowed.
  • Students attending classes such as, but not limited to, technology education, consumer and life studies, physical education, and laboratory classes, will comply with dress code regulations as they relate to the health and safety standards of the specific area of study or work.  Teachers will notify students of these rules.
  • Students may be required to remove hats.

It is not the intention of these guidelines to usurp the authority of parents for determining what is appropriate dress and grooming for their children.  Since the home provides the funds, guidance, and upkeep for the students’ clothing and grooming, parents, rather than the school, are primarily responsible for the general appearance of students.  The school staff will work with parents in encouraging our young people, as they progress through the system, to assume this responsibility and to execute it sensibly.  The purpose of the home and school working together should be to help students accept and cooperate with the guidelines to provide the best possible learning environment.  These regulations may be waived at the discretion of the building administrator for special school occasions or events.

Adopted:  9/11/02