Brunswick High School Community Service Policy

The Brunswick School Board voted to expand the community service requirement for graduation from Brunswick High School. This new policy calls for a thirty-hour community service requirement for graduation to be completed over four years starting in 2006-07. All students will be encouraged to go above and beyond the thirty-hour requirement with additional documented hours tracked in order to recognize our school’s finest volunteer efforts.

All BHS students can report to room 203 and see Mr. Wilson for service forms, requirements, and site support. Using the Schoolmaster program, we will be able to keep a running total of service hours performed along with printed report card information. A formal, reflective, written summary or presentation is a recommended concluding component of the community service requirement.

Certain job shadow opportunities may compliment the spirit of this requirement while also directly satisfying career objectives suggested by the Maine Learning Results. To the extent that these opportunities exist, pre-arranged and approved job shadow experiences may be used to fulfill up to ten hours of the thirty hour requirement.

Presently, BHS has several new elements that will support all students as they seek service opportunities. A new website, a hard copy directory, and a scrolling power point outside the cafeteria are a few examples of a designed infrastructure that was created to help support 9-12 service.

Our service learning classes have also led the way in establishing several potential long term relationships and projects with surrounding agencies, schools, and non-profit groups in Brunswick. Service opportunities are posted weekly and students can be personally assisted almost every morning by visiting me in room 203.

I welcome all comments and concerns. You may reach me at 319-1910 ext.2203 or