BHS Open House 10/10, 6-8pm

October 10, 2019
6:00 – 8:00 P.M.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to our open house.  Please report to the cafeteria where our Interact Club members will provide you with the schedule for your son or daughter.

Our goal for this evening is to share information with you outlining obligations and expectations in your child’s classes. Please follow the schedule for 10-minute periods.  We will have a four-minute passing time between classes.  For your convenience, our Interact Club members will be present to assist you in finding rooms.  

If your child is assigned to a study, you may return to the cafeteria or visit the library which will be open all evening.

If any parent/guardian wishes to make an appointment for an individual conference or phone call with a specific teacher or counselor, please pick up a Parent/Guardian/Teacher Conference Request form available in the counseling office or the main office. 

Thank you for showing interest in your child’s education.  By virtue of this interest, you underline their obligations in school and complement our efforts significantly.  


 Bell Schedule    

6:00 – 6:12      Welcome
Passing to first period class
6:12 – 6:22                  Orange 1/2
 4 min. passing
6:26 – 6:36                 Orange 3/4
4 min. passing
6:40 – 6:50                 Orange 5/6
4 min. passing
6:54 – 7:04                 Orange 7/8
4 min. passing
7:08 – 7:18                  Black 1/2
4 min. passing
7:22 – 7:32                  Black 3/4
4 min. passing
7:36 – 7:46                  Black 5/6
4 min. passing
7:50 – 8:00                 Black 7/8

** if your student is in the Academy, classroom teachers will dismiss you to the next class.
Click pdf version of announcement! (PDF)


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