FREE ACT test for rising juniors/seniors!!

FREE ACT test for rising juniors/seniors!!

Morse High School was approved to pilot a new version of the ACT on July 14thand has offered it to Brunswick High School students who are rising juniors and seniors.

WHO: Students entering grade 11 & 12 in September.

WHAT: FREE administration of the ACT* for 40 students. (This represents a cost savings of $46-$62.50 for students).

WHERE: at the SMCC Brunswick Campus 29 Sewall Street in Brunswick

WHEN: Saturday, July 14th 7:40- approximately 12:30.

HOW: If you are interested, please email Mrs. Trundy ltrundy@rsu1.orgfor a voucher to register as a standby test taker. You will use the unique voucher to register to take the test using the online sign-up:  Although you are registering stand-by, you will be admitted as a regular test taker given the special administration

WHY: The reason the ACT is offering the test for FREE is they are piloting offering the test on a computer.  If you sign-up to take the test this July 14th, you will be randomly assigned to take the test either in a traditional way on paper or on a computer.

*The ACT is a standardized achievement test used in college admissions. If a college requires standardized test scores in order to apply, you could use your ACT score or your SAT score or both as a measure to support your application.

If you do well on the test, it is a college reportable score you can use. It may help you gain admission to a college of your choice or help you qualify for scholarships or merit money. If you do not do well on the test, you have lost out on a Saturday morning and you never need to share your test score with anyone.

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